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CafeBar Bazaar 2020


The defining event of the Hungarian world of coffees and bars, the CafeBar Bazaar (KávéBár Bazár) will be organized for the 11th time at the MILLENÁRIS PARK  in Budapest on 8 and 9 February. With an entrance ticket visitors can taste the products of 45 exhibitors (coffees, teas, wines, spirits and other drink specialties).


Hungarian micro-coffee roasters and well-known brands will all be present among the coffee professionals, and you can taste products from the best growing regions of the world. You can buy these products too at the stands of course. The air above the most bustling square in central Budapest will be filled with the aroma of coffee, since the entire event center with its 4 halls will provide the venue for the programs and tastings.


During the two-day event, three national championships will also take place: baristas will challenge each other at the Hungarian Cup Tasters Championship, and the winner will represent Hungary at the world finals in Berlin. Amateur coffee geeks can compete in the Hungarian Amateur Barista Championship on Saturday.


Besides the competitions, professional presentations and workshops will be on offer for visitors on both days: guided tastings of drinks from bubbles through spirits to old teas, Hungarian and foreign speciality cupping, i.e. coffee tastings, round-table discussions, a personal account of a tour on a Hungarian farm in Costa Rica, round-table discussion on domestic and international trends, business forums, a bar conference and numerous products for tasting at the stands of course.


Tickets have been available for advance purchase since 1 December. The entrance fee (in advance: HUF 3,000/day, HUF 5,500/two days; at the venue: HUF 3,500/day) includes the tasting of unlimited samples of coffees, wines, spirits and other drink specialities, as well as participation in the coffee competitions and other programmes.



Exhibitors list



Awaken Company, Big Ben Tea, Kávé, Whisky, Black Sheep Coffee&Micro Roastery, By Beans Coffee, Caffé Vergnano, Casino Mocca, Coffee 42,  Dalla Corte Hungary, Goosebumps.Coffee-Modbar, Impresso Micro Roastery, Kávékalmár, La Marzocco, Lavazza, Lucky Cap Micro Roastery, Steamhouse Cafe, WARDA COFFEE ROASTERS



Agárdi Pálinkafőzde, Varros & Co.



Chococard, Csokizóna, Dilmah Tea, Stelázsi



BWT Hungária, 383 The kopjary water




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